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The excellence of Italian Canned Peeled Tomatoes is the result of selecting vegetables at the peak of the harvest season.
Packaging in aseptic cans, without additives or dyes to obtain a total natural product that maintains its color, aroma and flavour with a rigorous quality control for all our Can Tomatoes Product’s.

Italian Canned Tomatoes
Tomato Paste
Italian Tomato paste high quality

Gecom Export Srl is a Company specialised in business development and in the export of Double Concentrated Canned Tomato Paste produced in Italy. Tomato paste Concentrated has a bright red colour and good consistency it is made with the finest Italian tomatoes OGM-free. Natural Food.


Italian Tomato paste
canned beans and Pulses
Canned beans and Pulses

Canned Legumes are Tinned in Italy, they are very healthy foods product and gluten free too. Rich in protein, in fibres and in essential vitamins and minerals of the fresh products and with their low calories.
Rich affordable source of protein and carbohydrates which are an essential part of a healthy diet. Canned Beans  are convenient, they can be stored for a longer period of time and being boiled immediately after the pickup they are ready to be eaten.

Canned Beans and Pulses

canned Tomatoes list

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