Tomato Paste

Tomato Products
Tomato paste 400g Net 28-30 brings the essence of Mediterranean cooking to your table
Azzurra Tomato Paste - 2200g Net Weight. Made from sun-ripened tomatoes cultivated in the fertile soils of Italy



Canned Italian tomato paste Single and Double Concentrated has the intense and decisive flavor of the traditional Italian tomato concentrate rich in tomato aroma for its naturally sweet bitter taste obtained by selected and ripe tomatoes.

Tomato PASTE

Concentrated Tomato Paste with fresh, typical bright red colour.
Complete absence of vegetable impurities, fresh and distinctive aroma: these are the first characteristics our Concentrated Tomato Paste.

In different concentration up to 30% Among the various Tomato Paste brands available on the market, one of the most appreciated is that of Gecom Export Srl, a company specialized in the export of quality Italian food products.

Gecom Export Srl Tomato Paste Double Concentrate is produced with the best GMO-free tomatoes, without additives or artificial colourings. Gecom Export Srl Tomato Paste Double Concentrate is available in different concentrations (up to 30%) and in different formats (tins from 400g to 5000g or tubes of 210 g).

Azzurra Tomato Paste Double Concentrate has an excellent consistency and a fresh and distinctive aroma. Azzurra Tomato Paste will guarantee you the authentic and genuine taste of the Italian tomato.

Private brand is also available!

Tomato Paste - Logistic data -
Gross Weight Nett Weight Packaging Unit Container 20″ft
GR GR Cardboard  Each Case Total Cases
Tomato Paste
210g Tube
200g Tube Cardboard 24 2500
Tomato Paste
400g Cardboard 24 1950
Tomato Paste
800g Cardboard 12 1950
Tomato Paste
2200g Cardboard 6 1600
Tomato Paste
4500g Cardboard 3 1500