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The Tomato Puree is made only with fresh Italian Tomatoes: the pulp is got by the heart of tomatoes which grow up in the fields of the South Italy under the Italian sun and which are picked and worked in the factory line in the same day of the harvest.

The fresh Tomatoes for the Canned Tomato Puree must be picked to the convenient degree of maturation, selected with the simple addition of a pinch of salt.

The dense and creamy Passata is available even in glass jar and it is ideal to be used as a base for the preparation of all dishes.


Italian Tomato Puree is prepared with carefully selected Italian Tomatoes.
Made with hand-picked, fresh, juicy and ripe tomatoes it is unique, particularly thick and creamy. free from seeds and peels.
Worked and packed on the same day of harvest
in our facility area.

Tomato Puree - Logistic data -
Gross WeightNett WeightPackagingUnitContainer 20″ft
GRGR.Cardboard-Shrink wrappedEach CaseTotal Cases
500g400g”   “241850
750gr Jar Glass690g”   “121650
3000g2500g”   “61200